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   Keith earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. He then enhanced his inventing skill with a B.A. in Toy Design from F.I.T. After graduation he moved to the Windy City where he invented winning products for Big Monster Toys.


In his 3 years there he placed product with several major manufacturers. Inspired, Keith felt it was time to give Westley a call and start Catapult Concepts.

   Westley earned his A.A.S. in Illustration and B.A. in Toy Design from F.I.T. After graduation he moved to the Lone Star State, landing a position at DSI toys.


While working as an in-house designer/inventor, he conceptualized and managed the company's biggest venture in the industry, the DJ Skribble Spinheads.

Est. 2004

   Catapult Concepts was started June 1st 2004, by Keith Millman and Westley Ciaramella. Originally located in Long Branch, New Jersey, the company now operates out of Long Island City, New York.


Catapult Concepts is a toy and game invention/design studio. The company generates new toy concepts and sells them to major manufacturers. Manufacturers grant the inventor a percentage royalty from nationwide or worldwide sales.


Catapult Concepts creates working models (prototypes) constructed to prove the toy concepts and better demonstrate the idea to manufacturers. 


Catapult Concepts seeks to grow by placing as many products at retail as possible and contributing to the future of the toy industry.

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